Interview with Mercedes R. Lackey (Part 1)

Interview with Mercedes R. Lackey (Part 1)

Author Talk with Bonnie K.T. Dillabough is proud to present an interview with Mercedes R. Lackey.

Mercedes R. Lackey is the author and co-author of over 130 fantasy and scifi books, nearly all of which have ended up on best-seller lists. She is a popular guest at scifi and fantasy conventions as a panelist and speaker.

Well known for her “Valdemar” and “Elementals” series books, she has also co-written many books with authors such as Larry Dixon, Anne McCaffrey, S.M. Sterling, Jody Lynn Nye, Marion Zimmer Bradley and Robert Silverberg.

Join us as she tells us about her take on the writing life from the viewpoint of a long and successful career. Her newest book, The Bartered Brides, latest in her Elemental Masters series, comes out in October 2018, so she just keeps creating amazing novels for her fans.

Bonnie K.T. Dillabough is an avid “bookaholic”. She started reading before kindergarten and has never slowed up. As a fan of writers from many genres and a student of writing, Bonnie has been writing most of her life in one capacity or another, everything from blogs to sales copy to children’s plays, songs and poetry. She is currently working on her first novel.

This is why she is so excited to be a part of the Fiction Master Class, Author Talk project. The purpose of which is to educate and support aspiring authors and working authors to be their very best by hearing from authors on all levels and in every genre about “the writing life”, including tips and advice about writing from the people who are actually doing it.

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Vera Duncan
4 years ago

Very informative. I never heard about books being co-written, still, find hard to understand the concept of a story not being a complete creation of one author.Who has the bigger credit? specially if the book is picked to be made into a film? I’m not a fan of scifi, but I enjoyed watching the interview. It was very informative. I like Mercedes because she came across as a very genuine person. I mean, sometimes successful author are unbearably full of air and graces talk through metaphors and look down at ordinary mortals. lol

Kevin Maguire
4 years ago

I love Mercedes Lackey and have been reading her books for years. Fun fact: I named one of my dogs after her, Mercedes. I always told people “The author, not the car.” I loved that dog so much, she’s in my Aftermath series. On Amazon X-Ray, people can see how the dog was named. The first book in that series, my first book ever (short story), became an Amazon best-seller in several categories. I haven’t made big time money with it, but I stood out. I’m writing a fantasy short story series to introduce my first novel. Mercedes’ influence is… Read more »

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