Interview with Chris Salem

Interview with Chris Salem

Bonnie will be doing interviews in partnership with Richard G. Lowe, Jr. in the new series, Author Talk. Author Talk is intended to give insight into “the writing life” through interviewing authors on all levels, both those just starting their careers and those who have long since mastered the process of writing books that sell.

In this interview Bonnie Dillabough (aka The Web Woman) interviews author and radio show host, Chris Salem about his experience in writing and promoting his best selling book, Master your Inner Critic.

For many years, Chris saw people aspiring to make changes and grow but struggled at different phases of their career and life. Chris shares from experience what has worked successfully through hard work and dedication to help in your challenges. We all reach crossroads in our lives. Is it your time to make life changing decisions to become the person you always aspired too but felt was never within your reach or were not deserving?

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